Our goal is to help everyone to find a better way to wellbeing…

95% of illnesses can be CAUSED by stress & ALL illnesses are made Worse with Stress.

Complementary health approaches are something many of us turn to for stress relief and for long-term conditions, such as back pain and chronic conditions which may not have responded to conventional medicine. Some members of the public are also committed to finding natural, non drug dependent approaches to achieving better health.

A life coach, a counsellor or massage therapist, for example, may provide support to those experiencing life crises or long term stress whilst an acupuncturist, osteopath or chiropractor may provide relief from pain including back pain, shoulder pain, headaches or hip pain.  There is a wealth of expertise and help available to anyone in need of better wellbeing.

For a comprehensive list of natural therapies/complementary therapies/alternative therapies pleased see our definitions on www.naturaltherapiesdirectoryni.com or browse through our therapists to find the right complementary therapist /natural therapist or you.